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Holiday Inn Goes The Extra Mile With Human Bed Warmers

There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Or so they say. Holiday Inn seems bent on proving the point with their new U.K. promotion offering guests an unusual perk, a free “human bed-warmer.” As kinky as it sounds, it’s really just a hot water bottle that got complicated. A real person, fully fleeced up, will climb into your empty bed for five minutes to take the chill off the sheets. I think I’d prefer the hot water bottle, but then, I don’t think this promotion is really about warming beds. It’s about warming perceptions. I doubt they expect anyone to actually take them up on this, but it will get people talking about Holiday Inn and, ultimately, may warm up their bookings. It’s a pretty outrageous idea. Scary even. And that’s precisely why it works. Because you know what else they say, if it doesn’t scare you a little, it probably sucks. Nothing great comes without a little risk. Go, bed-warmers.

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